O.Z. Enterprises, Inc. - Delivering Energy Management Solutions for Education, Health Care, and Commercial and Industrial Business Environments

The O.Z. Advantage

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  • O.Z. provides non-proprietary open-source systems allowing best-in-class solutions maximizing future customer flexibility. Other companies often utilize proprietary single-source solutions limiting future customer flexibility.
  • O.Z. is privately owned. We are focused on customer satisfaction and long-term reliability. Other companies often are publicly held and focused on shareholder return and revenue goals.
  • O.Z.'s electricians and steamfitters are company employees dedicated to our business and our customers. Other companies' electricians and steamfitters often are subcontractors with no vested interest in the company or their customers.
  • O.Z.'s employees average 26 years of experience in the industry, including factory training on multiple generations and types of systems. Other companies' employees often are less experienced and not as highly qualified.

  • O.Z. is factory certified by Tridium as a Vykon System Integrator (VSI), which allows the integration of diverse systems (power, lighting, security, life safety, etc.) from diverse manufacturers.