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Energy Savings

The team members of O.Z. Enterprises, Inc. are experts at designing, furnishing, and installing Direct Digital Control (DDC) Systems that utilize every aspect of control through hardware components and software to achieve maximum energy savings for your facility. The DDC components include web-based access for easy tracking, monitoring, and control of the entire system.

The installation and use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) is another key component of DDC systems that can acheive high energy savings. The commissioning and proper setup of all components is essential to maximize energy savings, along with the proper engineering, hardware, installation, and software.

O.Z. designed, engineered and installed a new DDC System in the United Steelworkers Building in April of 2003. The new system included a complete replacement of the existing DDC system, together with the installation VFDs. The sequences of operation were revised and, to date, the project has provided total savings in excess of $450,000.00 using 2002 as a baseline for savings calculations.
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The cost of operating HVAC equipment accounts for approximately 30% of a facility's operating cost. The routine maintenance and upkeep of this equipment is of the utmost importance. OZ installs and commissions pneumatic and DDC control systems in health care environments where excellence in energy management and building controls is critical in keeping operating costs down, which, in turn, keeps patient and insurance costs down.

Commercial and industrial building enviroments require sophisticated energy management controls. We've engineered, installed, and commissioned a variety of pneumatic and DDC automatic temperature control systems for commercial and industrial environments—from small hot water systems to entire buildings and commercial and industrial complexes.